Tina Hage

Late at Tate (2008)
Slide projection

Face (2009)
Shown as slide projection, site-specific work

Kaleidoscopic Sculpture (2008)
Video-Installation, 4 min loop, projection on wall &
stage with mirror foil, approx. 240 x 180 x 180cm


by Tina Hage

The series ‘red carpet’ is inspired by imagery in the media documenting the arrival of an official states person at an airport.

The gesture of laying down a red carpet is used here to mark the route taken by heads of state on formal occasions and expresses a special effort made by an nation showing their hospitality.

While everything in this ceremonial event remains in its normal state; the Astroturf with the white and yellow lines on the ground – it is the formal gesture of laying down a red carpet for sometimes less then 10 meters that transforms the context and location here. The temporary set up of a particular moment is what strikes me and which relates very much to photography: there is only a chosen frame which is visible in a photograph, everything out side this frame does not exist and is open to your imagination.

The work was first published in the magazine HESA inprint issue 20 in 2012.

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