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Photographic installations (2013-ongoing)

Landscapes and Architecture

The Place here      Horizon       Scene from above      Sunrise       Façade

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This series is concerned with the study and re-viewing of my surroundings. The work in this series often begins with the use of photography to document a scene or architectural construction. The images are then broken down to their elements and reconstructed again to form a new view. Each re-composition presents a ‘new landscape’ and addresses ways in which we co-exist in shared, public spaces. The installations aim to reveal new interpretations and often, overlooked aspects of an everyday place.

(Deutsche Übersetzung)In dieser Serie geht es um die Untersuchung und die erneute Betrachtung meiner Umgebung. Die Arbeiten in dieser Serie beginnt oft mit der Verwendung von Fotografie zur Dokumentation einer Szene oder einer architektonischen Konstruktion. Anschließend werden die Bilder in ihre Elemente zerlegt und wieder zu einer neuen Ansicht rekonstruiert. Jede Neukomposition präsentiert eine „neue Landschaft“ und befasst sich mit der Art und Weise, wie wir in gemeinsamen, öffentlichen Räumen zusammenleben. Ziel der Installationen ist es, neue Interpretationen und oft übersehene Aspekte eines alltäglichen Ortes aufzuzeigen.

Series The Place here (2013-ongoing)

The series The Place here (2013- ongoing) consist of 11 photographic installations and a video piece and investigates the spatiotemporal distance between where and when the photograph was taken and the moment it is viewed later e.g. in a book or exhibition.

The places chosen have tended to be iconic brutalist architectural pieces from around the world. I am drawn to these kinds of structures due to their minimalist, functional yet highly creative use of a common material in concrete. These structures were often planed by architects in the 50s and 60s as places that serve the human use and create also communal places to bring people together.

In these art works I am particular interested in the shift between the medium photography, time and place. By creating these installations and video, I explore and play with the moment that the photograph has been captured and their representation in new contexts. Often the photographic print is used as material within an installation.

The Place here X (To Hastings/ 2015)
5min of the beginning of the video (duration: 11min, loop)


Video The Place here X

The video of series The Place here is 11min long and runs in a loop. The piece consist of single photographs, which were taken from a lower deck promenade called Bottle Alley in Hastings. The images document the entire walk on the promenade from start to finish.  

The alley is 480 metre long and runs from the pier to Warrior Square. It was built as part of a revolutionary double deck promenade in the 1930‘s by the Borough Engineer Sidney Little, who became known as the ‚concrete king‘. Bottle Alley is named as such due to the countless pieces of multi-coloured glass bottles embedded in the concrete panels along the entire length of the alley.
(www.hastings.gov.uk/arts-culture/bottle/) The walk way was built 20 years before the term Brutalist architecture as an architectural style emerged.

The video keeps changing in pace and gives at points the impression of standing still. The pace in the video is mimicking the pace of walking down the promenade and tries to take the viewer on a journey. By taking still images of the alley its perspective changes and the architecture structure becomes visible in different ways.

The nearly hundred year old walk way was also interesting for me to document, as its appearance changed a lot from its original state. The remaining details from the past can still be discovered. I took the photographs for this work in 2015, in 2017 Bottle Alley was transformed with multi-coloured programmable lighting, replacing the old lighting and framework.

The Place here XI (Middelkerke/ 2016/19)
Photographic print mounted on aluminium, 180x95cm

The Place here VII (Golden Lane/ 2014)
Photographic print, PVC, rail, clips, 143x80x100cm

The Place here VIII (Great Arthur/ 2014)
Photographic print, mdf, metal piece, 61x200x50cm

The Place here (VI, Elephant & Castle)
Photographic print, pvc, clips, 150x125x20cm

The Place here (III, Rio)
Photographic print, pvc, clips, 130x120x15cm

The Place here VIII (Niteroi/ 2014)
Photographic print, perspex, tape, mdf boards, clips, 240x60x60cm

The Place here IX (Barbican/ 2014)
Photographic print, mdf, metal angles, 61x155x180cm

The Place here I (Hackney/ 2014)
Photographic print, mdf, metal angles, wood, 61x160x150cm

Installation views

The Place here

Horizon (2013)
Photographic print, electric tape, 210x100cm

Scene from above (Pool)
Folded photographic prints, white board, 40x34x5cm

Scene from above (Terraced Housing)
Folded photographic prints, white board, 34x37x5cm

Scene from above (Sky)
Folded photographic prints, white board, 42x30x5cm

Scene from above (Forest)
Folded photographic prints, white boards, 34x33x34cm


Scene from above (2013/15)

The series Scene from above is presented as a series of small sized prints (approx. A4). The prints visualise photographic landscapes that deal with the formal aspects of photography whilst offering questions related to the viewpoint of the audience.

Found images of idyllic landscapes are broken down into their elements and are re-constructed again using photographic textures as sculptural objects within the photograph. This process enables the viewer to reassess the light, shadow and angles that the original photographs were taken in. The title Scene from above refers to the viewpoint of the audience as well as the chosen perspective of the arranged elements. The work aims to allow the audience to visualise their own landscapes based on the composition.

Sunrise (2013)
Exhibition view: New Positions ArtCologne with Thomas Rehbein Gallery
Installation, folded photographic prints, 240x180x160cm

Sunrise (2012)
Exhibition view: There will be others, curated by TMLE at Angus Hughes Gallery Installation, folded photographic prints, 240x180x160cm

Sunrise (2013)
Exhibition view: New Positions ArtCologne with Thomas Rehbein Gallery
Installation, folded photographic prints, 240x180x160cm

Façade I (2010)
Exhibition view: LoBe (Residency & Show), Berlin, Germany
Photographic prints, site-specific installation (approx. 300cm x 320cm)

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