Tina Hage

Series of photographs and installation (2010-2011)


Series: Retreat, Boot, Afflux, Gate

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Retreat (2011)
Photographic print, 168x110cm

Retreat (2011) / Installation
Photograph on wall (168x110cm) & sculpture in front,
the sculpture is made out of folded photograpic prints (approx.180x160cmx150)

Boat (2010)
Triptych, photographic prints, 44x52cm/60x52cm/44x52cm

Afflux I (2011)
Photographic print, 130x100cm

Afflux II (2011)
Photographic print, 90x60cm

Gate (2010)
Photographic print, 90x180cm

Topic Getaway

by Tina Hage

The works presented here were created between 2010 and 2011. In these photographs I re-staged scenes that were based on found photojournalistic images. The found imagery depict scenes from people who trying to flee their countries, had lost their homes or were fighting for causes in their countries: Moroccan boat people trying to escape to spain, Syrian refugees on their way to Turkey, flood victims standing at a gate for aid in Pakistan and riot police in Indonesia preparing against protesters lobbying for better living conditions.

Recent wars in the Middle East region have led to hundreds of thousands of people forced into emergency migration and in many cases have remained as permanent residents in their new locations. The topic of migration and refugee is a recurring topic in the media and also in my work. My interest in creating this work comes probably partly from my own middle eastern heritage but also from a sense of injustice and helplessness that we bear witness to via the media.

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