Tina Hage

Residency projec


hosted by Peer Sessions at ASC Gallery, London

26 of April – 2nd of May 2014

Exhibition views

Press text 


by Peer Sessions

Conversations Over Chocolate Squares is the second part of the Peer Sessions: TRIALOGUES residency project at ASC Gallery in Southwark, showcasing new and collaborative work from artists Tina Hage, Charlotte Warne Thomas and Claudia Djabbari, created during their two-week residency at ASC.

Together the artists explore their shared interests through the manipulation of modular structures and focus on aspects of process and production through their sculpture and site-specific installation.

Peer Sessions is a non-profit crit group founded in 2009 as an educational support network for postgraduate artists, offering peer mentoring and feedback.

TRIALOGUES extends Peer Sessions’ commitment to postgraduate level art education and collaboration, through a series of three short residencies. Three groups of three artists will work together in the ASC Gallery space to create new work, each resulting in three exhibitions. A publication and educational workshops accompany the project.

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