Tina Hage


The Place Here

at Object / A Gallery Manchester

25 April - 6 June 2015

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The Place Here

by Katie Rutherford

Object / A Gallery , London

The Place Here presents the latest series of works by Tina Hage. The Place Here series examines the spatiotemporal interval that separates the context of the photograph's creation and the instance when it is seen by a viewer such as in an exhibition or publication. In The Place Here she creates works that probe and play with the moment of the photograph's capture and its representation.

The Place Here encompasses The Place Here (X) (2015), a video loop which comprises still images shot with a camera in Hastings, as well as The Place Here (VII) and The Place Here (VIII) (2014), installations that unite photography with sculptural conventions.

The Place Here (X) is a vacant structure on the seafront, a vast expanse of concrete in a state of continuous decay, its worn asphalt incongruent with the soft sands in the distance. Unlike the ruins of a once Utopian construction, The Place Here (VII) is a scene shot above an empty pool whose luminous cyan contrasts with its sterile white interior, a work whose concave shape contrasts with the convex arch in The Place Here (VIII) which depicts nearby apartments whose austere exterior resembles the Brutalistesque structure in The Place Here (X).

In The Place Here she uses photography to portray a scene or architectural construction then reconstructs the photographs into a "new landscape" via sculptural installation in order to reveal latent aspects of an everyday milieu.

Tina Hage (MA Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, 2009) lives and works in London. Exhibitions include UH-LA-LARGO (2014), Largo das Artes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; New Positions: Art Cologne (2013), Thomas Rehbein Gallery, Cologne, Germany; Gestalt (2012), Tenderpixel Gallery, London; Impel and the Procession (2012), Ku Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan; and Arbeit / Labour (2010), Fotomuseum Winterthur, Switzerland. In 2011 she won the Renewal Award at Deptford X, London and was on the shortlist for The Catlin Guide in 2010.

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